This will be an Artificial Intelligence which will aim to have a self-learning module which will be capable of holding conversations, try to answer questions, make personalised recommendations. In the next phase, we aim to have it learn medicine and engineering concepts and provide applications in lots of varied fields.

"What would you do, if you knew (almost) everything?"

We would like to invite people to join us in our journey. if you have dreamed of being an entrepreneur but couldn't leave your job this is your chance. Fund us, support us and we guarantee that we will give it our all, put our heart and soul into this project. You will be involved throughout the process. We even have an entrepreneur perk, where we are giving away priority chances at our angel funding round, giving you a chance to own a part of the action :)

"We are in pursuit of a worthy goal - Making knowledge universally accessible and deriving scenario-based personalized intelligence."

Short Summary

Friends, call me Philip. I have worked across various levels across most fortune 50 companies including IBM, AT&T, Paypal & eBay. I have created huge systems that handle millions of transactions across US  singlehandedly. 4 years back, I got interested in search and AI and have since been working to create the fastest search algorithm along with a new algorithm that I call "relevance rank". While doing this, we were able to create algorithms that derive "meaning" from content. I have found a lot of success and have a prototype ready with 20 million URLs already indexed.

"We live only once, hence we need to strive for worthy goals"

I have created a few modules which in my trials have exceeded my expectation of self learning capabilities for a software. However, this needs more work and something that would need my full attention (currently, I have to work to pay my bills) and I also need a good team to support me. This is where I would need your help.

Please see screenshots of the trial versions as below - 
Searching :

NOTE: this is not even beta ready yet. It needs lot of work to get to the stage that it would be really useful. i've spent a lot of time and my personal money (servers, bandwidth, part-time programmers) on this to get this to the stage where it is right now.

There is a vast amount of information that can be harnessed in multiple ways - case studies for a doctor might be able to save a life, engineers can get access to tools that can help them build a better world for all of us. We should not be searching over the internet, we need to find things and we need to know what we find has a level of accuracy that we could trust.

Part of this is going to be collective heuristic intelligence that will get better over time.

To do:

  1. Develop algorithms to scale to really large scale data.
  2. Image search : We have the algorithm ready over a sample of 1 million images. The thing is to get it to scale.
  3. Real-time News search : We are currently in the process of building this.
  4. To be then able to use the above to build heuristic intelligence and feed it to the self-learning module.
  5. Develop the interface.